Pour la 2ème année, la Chambre de Commerce Franco-Danoise organise le concours « Startup/Entrepreneur of the year » en partenariat avec Atos.


Vous avez démarré votre business récemment ou vous envisagez de lancer prochainement votre projet au Danemark ?

La Chambre de Commerce Franco-Danoise soutient les porteurs de projets franco-danois et propose un concours qui offrira de la visibilité et des bureaux gratuits dans le centre de Copenhague pendant un an. Découvrez tous les détails du concours si dessous.

Déposez votre candidature (une lettre de motivation de 2 pages maxi + un business plan de 12 pages maxi) avant le 16 février à information@france-danemark.fr

« Startup/Entrepreneur of the year » 
The award is aimed at entrepreneurial projects carried out by French entrepreneurs in Denmark or by French startups that seek to develop their activities in Denmark.

Registration criteria 
• You are in the process of starting your business or have started it within the last two years in Denmark
• Your field of activity is not important. All fields of activity are welcome
• You have a turnover of less than 100.000 euros in Denmark, or have carried out a fund raising of maximum the same amount since the creation of the Danish company.

What information should I provide? 
Each application should contain:
• A motivation letter (2 pages maximum: Why you have chosen Denmark, what your motivation is for participating in this competition and and which impact the award from this prize could have on the launch or development of your company?)
• A Business Plan (no more than 12 pages)

In the Business Plan, the following must be included:
• A presentation your activities
• The history of your company
• Your knowledge of the local market (market size, competitors, growth, …)
• Strategy: How you will launch and develop your business, positioning, price, innovation etc.
• 3 year financial provisional plan

Our commitments  
• Provide personalized feedback on each Business Plan
• Ensure the confidentiality of the applications submitted

Important dates 
• Monday the 4th of December 2017: Opening of registrations
• Friday the 16th of February 2018: Closure of registrations
• From the 5th to the 9th of March 2018: Final oral presentation by the chosen candidates
• In March 2018: Award ceremony at the French Embassy.

Selection criteria 
The principal factors, which the judging panel will select the winner from, are the quality of the project, its potential, the team and the innovative character of the project in the French-Danish ecosystem. The objective is to detect, highlight and support an entrepreneur or a startup in a « French-Danish » project. It shall be stated that the judging panel selects the companies in a sovereign manner, and will not have to justify its choice or owe any justification to the eliminated participants.

The judging panel
The judging panel (that selects the winning project) will be composed of various profiles:
• The members of the board of the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce
• C.C.E.s, French Foreign Trade Advisors
• Business France Denmark
• French-Danish managers
• Elected Frenchmen
• Institut Français
• Atout France
• The French Ambassador in Denmark.

Which reward for the winning project? 
The selected company will receive several rewards:
• Extensive visibility: Your project/company will be presented to the network of the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce through email, social networks and at a ceremony at the French Embassy,
• A membership of the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce: The winner will join the Chamber of Commerce as company member and thus be able to participate in all our events, benefit from our network and from our discounts for members and present his or her company in our directory and newsletters,
• Accommodation free of charge: The company will be accommodated in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce free of charge for one year. The Chamber of Commerce will provide a workstation (except for computer and telephone) and a meeting room.

How to participate in the contest? Please send your application with the information listed above on February 16th the latest by email to: information@france-danemark.fr

Please contact the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce for further information :  information@france-danemark.fr